Privacy Policy

1. Initial statements

  1. Service Operator is Solutia Artur Pajkert, seated in Poland, Wiosenna 5A/1, 55-200 Oława, registered, referred as Operator, Tax ID: PL8862432339, REGON: 020117040, referred as Operator.
  2. The service is meant to be used by enterpreneurs only. By using the service you confirm that you are not a consumer, but a business user.
  3., referred as Site, gathers the information about user and their bevaviour in following ways:
    1. by data entered in forms
    2. by files in user's device, called Cookies
    3. by technical logs, written by hosting provider
    4. by application logs, documenting certain actions
    5. by using marketing systems, esp. Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Conversion Pixels

2. Forms

  1. Site gathers information provided by user in forms.
  2. Data from forms might be save together with additional information, like timestamp, user browser and IP address.
  3. Operator will never reveal any data to a third party, unless by user consent
  4. .
  5. The data provided by user will be treated as personal data.

3. Cookie files

  1. Site uses cookie files. Cookie files are small files, in particular text files, saved on user's browsing device. They hold Site address, validity date and unique number.
  2. Cookie files are used for:
    1. Creating statistics helping to understand how the users are using the Site.
    2. Holding session of a user, thanks to which it is not necessary to sign in on every panel page.
    3. Marketing purposes - for displaying better advertismens. Site uses Google Analytics and Facebook marketing tools.
    4. For storing information about Referral Program to calculate commisions and prepare bonus credits.
    5. For temporaty binding some data displayed in panel to a logged user.
  3. You can switch off cookies in your browser, but then some functionality will be lost. This affect mainly panel functions and referral programm. Notes and opinions from previously sent or scheduled polling emails will be still gathered.
  4. You can switch off cookies in your browser, but then some functionality will be lost
  5. Some cookies are avaiable to third party marketing companies, like Google. It is recommended to read Google privacy policy to get to know all the details of how cookie files are used by Google Analytics mechanisms.
  6. User check the profile information built basing on cookies by Google, This information is based on the whole internet activity of the user, so not only ths Site's cookies.

4. Server logs

  1. Some behavioral data, like IP address and required resources are stored in server log by hosting company. These pieces of information are used to provide efficien hosting services and to reduce the downtime if it occurs.
  2. Logs might contain:
    1. request time
    2. response time
    3. HTTP information: response code, request url
    4. HTTP erros
    5. User IP
  3. These data are used by third parties (hosting provider) only for server administration purposes.
  4. Operator does not have access to server logs and Operator doesn't provide any tools to provide server log information to User.

5. Application logs

  1. Application gatheres logs about user behaviour.
  2. The scope of gathered data might be the same as in server logs plus additional, application-specific data, including user identificator, project identificator, respondend identificator.
  3. The logs are kept for application security and debuging reasons.

6. Security measures

  1. SSL certificate in installed on server and all the communication between user and server is encrypted, when using https connection.
  2. During registration process password is required twice for confirmation reasons.
  3. Passwords are not stored in plantext. All passwords are stored as long, encrypted strings of text and Operator does not know user passwords.
  4. All the data backed up on daily basis.

7. Data passing

  1. The data about users might be passed to third parties:
    1. For payment processing - necessary data might be sent to payment operator: PayLane Sp. z o.o. are serviced by PayLane sp. z o.o. located in Gdańsk at ul. Arkońska 6/A3, zip code: 80-387, company number: 0000227278.
    2. For analysing - cookie data might be passed to Google Analytics. operator is entitled to use remarketing tags and event tracking.
    3. For invoicing - Operator might use external invoicing applications.
    4. For email sending - e-mail adress might be sent to SMTP operator.
    5. For hosting - data will be stored on hosting company server.
  2. All the data might be revealed to official organs on base of official warrants, within law regulation limits.
  3. 8. Cookies - how to widthdraw consent

    1. To stop processing cookies you should change your browser settings.
    2. In order to disable cookies in your browser please refer to browser's manual.
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